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The Fruit-Smoothie and Other Health Food Myths

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This scene plays out tens of thousands of times a day across the country: Your typical “health nut” with the best of intentions, slams down a shot of wheat grass (whatever the hell that is), and promptly chases it with a whopping 785 calorie, carb-o-bomb “fruit smoothie” before hobbling over to yoga class in a pre-diabetic stupor.

And this is what many of us are being told is healthy! Be afraid, I am.

From the bars, juices, smoothies, the “lite” this to the sprouted that, fact is “health foods” are not always as they seem.

We love anything that looks like a healthy-alternative to sitting down and eating. That’s the origin of the “sugar bomb” juice-smoothie and has fueled the explosion of calorie-dense “nutrition bars.” The good news is people are trying to replace the drive-thru.

But like most people, you too may be too busy to eat three—let alone four, five or six—healthy, hand-made, balanced meals a day. Who’s got the time? I mean really, eating healthy can be a downright an energy draining pain in the ass.

You do what you can to get by for breakfast—which usually means a cup of coffee and all too often some quick-carbs, adding “insult to injury,” as the saying goes. You may even resort to snacking, energy drinks or more coffee throughout the day. Around lunch you settle for whatever takes the least time and wish you could treat yourself better.

You have no real plan, no strong daily rituals to ground, so you make it up—moment to moment—as you go along. And that is the perfect recipe for gradual but steady weight gain.

Why? Why can’t we do better, eat better?

Time. Time is a major issue for most people on the way up in life—it drives us to make decisions we’d otherwise do differently. Heck, fast-food didn’t become a $200 billion annual business because it’s so delicious and energizing!

In each moment, each decision made several times a day, it makes perfect sense. Putting your body “on-hold” while you’re busy getting more urgent (if not important) stuff done to “make-it” in life. But the logic is fundamentally flawed.

Skipping meals and feeding yourself poorly has a dramatic and damaging impact on your body, your energy, your ability to think straight, your concentration and focus as well as slowing your metabolism to a slow crawl.

Day by day, brick by brick, you’re adding ounces that turn into pounds, carrying weight and habits that rob you of energy, strength and the freedom to enjoy the life you’re working so hard to have.

What I’m talking about here is living far below your capacity – a silent suffering that is not something a salad now and then is going to resolve.

Fact is life is lived NOW.

Waiting until you have “more time” to enjoy it, to live it, to be at Full Strength in your body, mind and soul is living life backwards. You’re sacrificing health and the very currency of life, the energy you really need for results in the hopes that you’ll get a chance later.

Full Strength is like daylight savings for your body-mind energy—every day. It’s takes you out the dark and into the light and energy for several hours every day. It’s the daily, deeply nourishing ritual that can break you free from the waiting, the hoping and gets you in the game—living with the confidence, clarity and energy NOW.

And let’s face it, as ENERGY is the true currency of LIFE, Full Strength is where busy, driven, high-achievers like you plug in.

Feel the Difference that Full Strength Nutrition can make in your day, and life. Grab yourself a 2-Week Challenge package and if you don’t absolutely love the way it tastes, the energy and freedom it brings to your body and life, just let me know and it’s on me. ZERO RISK to you.

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The Full Strength Story

In early 2005, frustrated, furious and focused I set out on a mission. My goal was to end the waiting, to bring the future to the present and create the super-food of the future – one that would energize your body, uplift your mind and mood, keep you soaring for hours without any hunger cravings and deliver that hour of more of freedom every day. .

The result of 14 months of steady, focused effort, over a million dollars invested, 57 formula revisions, 18 “final checks,” and even 5 graphic design teams were required to build the packaging (yes, I’m a perfectionist and really impatient!), is Full Strength: “The World’s First, Fast Performance Food.”

Yes, that’s right: Fast, performance, food.

Full Strength™, the world’s first Performance Fast-Food, is a mouthwateringly delicious total nutrition shake that quickens your body, sharpens your mind, and keeps you going strong all day long. It’s the perfect, balanced, nutritious food when life demands your absolute best–like every day.

If you struggle to make the time to eat right, tire of the battle to make the right, healthy food choices or perhaps your personal chef is on a cruise…or you’re simply ready to feel great again, all day, every day… it’s time for you to experience the freedom and energy that Full Strength brings to life.

Now there’s a fast, easy, delicious alternative designed to:

  • Boost and sustain your energy—without sugar or caffeine
  • Eliminate hunger for up to four productive hours
  • Promote vibrant health, increased strength and fat loss
  • Eradicate mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy sabotage
  • Sharpen your mind, enhance focus and awareness
  • Start each day with strong energy and come home with the same
  • Fuel your mind and body for sustainable achievement and success
  • Feel great, energized, razor-sharp, strong and fit
  • Delight your senses with delicious, real ice-cream taste

Full Strength is a quick, delicious, fully integrated premium nutrition shake. It’s the ideal way to charge your body and mind for performance. Its a healthy, balanced breakfast or quick, satisfying lunch that gives you a boost of focused, clear energy and keeps you going strong for up to four hours.

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About The Author

Author, innovator and expert in Life Performance for two decades, Shawn Phillips is as respected for his physique as his wisdom. Working with his brother Bill (of Body for LIFE fame) he helped create the performance nutrition giant, EAS. In his 40's, a husband and father of two young children, Shawn has shifted his focus to helping busy, high-achieving men enjoy vibrant, energized, amazing lives! To help more men towards Life @ Full Strength Shawn created the World's First True Premium Nutrition Shake, the clinically proven Full Strength . For a "how to" guide to a Lifestyle of Fitness Freedom, check out Shawn's most recently instant best-selling book from Bantam Books Strength for LIFE, called by Next-Level in Transformational Fitness, Here.

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Comments (10)

  • Tom Rogers

    Full Strength. A great product

  • Jonathan

    My gym sells fruit/protein smoothies, but when you look at the nutrition, they range from 500 to over 1000 calories!

    What I tend to see more than the wheat grass -> smoothie -> yoga progression is people who spend 30 min on the elliptical machine and then down a 500+ calorie recovery drink.

    Let’s see…burn 300 – 500 calories working out and then consume 500 – 1000 calories after. [sarcasm]I just can’t figure out why they don’t make any progress![/sarcasm]

  • Sergio

    Sounds great, but I’m lactose intolerant. Let me know when you come up with a no lactose version.

  • Tom Rogers

    I have use Full Strength for years as it’s kept me through many of my health problems. Years of problems that Full Strength has helped me recover from. It’s the greatest and yes great for on the go. Thanks Shawn

  • Charles Miske

    Shawn, freaking awesome. You inspired me to write about smoothies on my own blog today. Thanks for the inspiration, and thanks too for the best full nutrition shake money can buy. Goes great in “MY SMOOTHIE” ;)

  • Wade Razella

    Shawn Phillips thank you for this incite. I have been using Full Strength shake for over a year now and being a type 2 diabetic it has really been the choice for me. I do my work out first thing in the morning and have a Full Strength shake right after my work out. Full Strength helps me maintain my Blood Sugar Levels and gives me all that I need. Being a Type 2 diabetic it is important to eat nutritional sound super food and keep my daily blood sugars in check. Full Strength should be called a super food because it blows away every shake away on the planet. If you have any questions about how I use this product please post them here. Again Thank you Shawn and the entire Team at Full Strength you all ROCK !

  • Charles Miske

    I know! it’s so frustrating when all my “athletic” friends are chugging down fructose froth all day long totally convinced they’re eating healthier. Sadly, you can’t tell them anything – they totally bought the hype. They talk about their spinach broccoli smoothie, and how green it is, but then they put in almost a pound of raw fructose in the form of fruit puree. YUCK! That totally can’t be good for you.

    I love FullStrength and its balanced blend of nutrition. A little bit of cinnamon in the vanilla is all you need, imho, for a better tasting, more healthy smoothie.


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