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3-D Fat-Loss: The Avatar of Fitness

The Avatar of Fat Loss

How can the #1 most successful box office movie in history help you shed fat, get fit and live the life of your dreams?

Valid question.

Allow me to explain…

In 1997 movie maker James Cameron made Titanic, the #1 grossing movie of all time.

Then he went quiet—resting on his success—most assumed.

Fast-Forward to 2009

James Cameron is back—reappearing as if he’d been gone but a few months—and carrying with him a freakish sci-fi thriller, absent of stars, filled with strange creatures in “gimmicky” 3-D.

He received instant attention, for he’d earned that. But the critics and the public scoffed—said he was “out of it,” “too confident,” and that this come back would only cost his reputation.

He couldn’t possibly match the success of his last movie, Titanic. So why try?

We all know how that turned out.

Grossing nearly $3 billion worldwide, Avatar become the highest grossing film of all time, surpassing Titanic in just it’s first 47 days of release.

James Cameron knows what it takes to make a truly successful movie, would you agree?

The Titanic of Fitness

Think “the movie,” not “the ship.”

In 1998 another innovative leader—who also happens to be my brother—Bill Phillips, released the transformational fitness book, Body for LIFE. Like Titanic, Body for LIFE soared to the top of the charts, maintaining an epic stay at the #1 spot on the NY Times bestseller list.

Selling over 6 million copies, Body for LIFE would become the best-selling fitness book of all time.

Like Cameron, for the decade between, Bill avoided the typical “sequel” and focused on the next great thing, leaving others to battle for the best “Body for LIFE like” work.

Cameron is quoted as saying he waited over a decade to create Avatar because the technology wasn’t ready before. He needed what the future held to bring his vision to life.

I believe that for Bill, Transformation is a similar story.

Fact is, Body for LIFE was the right book, the right program for the perfect time. It had to be written—and its legacy, inspiring the nearly 6 million people to transform their lives, lives on. It rises to the top of the charts annually fueled by New Year’s resolutions.

Yet, something had to happen, battles had to be fought, some lost, more won; for the wisdom of Transformation to be born.

A decade ago Transformation wasn’t ready—and the world wasn’t ready for Transformation.

For just as James Cameron was looking for the next big thing, the totally new movie experience, Bill was seeking the answer to the last great challenge in health, fitness and weight loss.

What’s it going to take?

The “how” of losing weight and getting fit is really pretty simple: Eat less, move more.

You can complicate it all you want, add in all sorts of “confusion principles,” but in essence it’s really just that straightforward..

So why is it so damned hard?

Because it’s not the “how” that gets people. The real question is “what?” As in: What’s it going to take to get you, to get anyone, to move from thought to action, to stop hoping and start living it?

Bill has lived in this question for the last decade.

“What’s it really gonna take to get you living a leaner, stronger, more inspired life?”

It’s what gets him up and going in the morning. It’s his calling, his quest.

And as he chronicles in his book, Transformation, it’s not been an easy path for him.

Struggles have found him. And the challenges he’s faced have helped open his heart, strengthen his resolve, steadied his presence and gave him access to the wisdom, experience and tools that can be found nowhere but in Transformation.

Fit is Not a Math Problem

Getting fit, losing weight, gaining energy, and living a stronger, leaner more vibrant life—sustained– has never been a math problem—it’s not about the sets, reps and calorie counting.

Seriously! That’s what most fitness enthusiasts—and sadly most so-called experts—have come to believe it is about. It’s why there’s been tens of thousands of fitness, health and diet books since Body for LIFE.

Think about it. The US has been on a fitness “kick” since President JFK declared a movement to get fit in the early 60’s. And here we are, well into our 6th decade of health and fitness and still we’re looking “out there” for the magic pill, the perfect diet, the easy fitness machine.

This “mechanical model” to fitness; seeking the perfect sets, reps, counting calories, following the new diet guru, is a classic 2-Dimensional approach.

Why has it failed so gloriously?

Because health and fitness is not a 2-Dimensional problem any more than this is a 2-D world.

It’s time that we get that the answer is not “out there.” It’s in here… as in inside you. Between your ears and connects to your heart.

Hail today! Make note of this day in history for it’s on this day that my brother is releasing the answer to the 3-Dimensional challenge of fitness.

The first True 3-D Fitness Solution: The Transformation Solution.

What makes Transformation 3-D?

The Transformation Solution works from the inside out.

Bill recognized that 99% of fitness failure is internal. It’s not the program or diet failing you, but you failing it.

Sure there are some flat out silly programs, diets and machines but still the responsibility for fitness failure largely resides deep inside, between your ears and deeper.

It’s this dimension, the inner-world that’s the 3rd dimension that most know little of and those who do haven’t cared to even try and tackle it.

But it’s here, inside that True Transformation takes place. This is where “the real magic” happens.

Knowing this, seeing this truth, Bill has invested his heart and soul (literally) in finding a way to not just access but reliably affect true and lasting change from the inside out.

In Transformation, Bill applies proven methods for change, true inside out change, that have never before been applied to fitness. Techniques for true and lasting change that have proven effective in promoting real and lasting change in areas of life that make diet and fitness seem easy.

I’m talking about the sort of leverage that’s required when it’s your life on the line. And face it, that’s what we need for it truly is.

Time after time, for years, Bill has tested new methods, and techniques for change within his vibrant community—continually evolving what’s working and eliminating what did not. Transformation was not born of a moment of genius; it’s evolved through a deep commitment, hard work and passion over years.

But you don’t have to struggle, you don’t have to experiment with your time and energy and you certainly don’t have to stay stuck in the limited 2-Dimensional solutions that are the current standard in health and fitness.

The Transformation Solution is the answer to the mystery that has plagued us all for decades—and it’s here today, now simply for the asking.

Transformation: The Avatar of Fitness

Now, do you see what I mean by that statement? Transformation is the next-dimension, the first True 3-Dimensional fitness solution. It’s destined to be the NEW gold-standard.

It’s got what Body for LIFE didn’t—what it couldn’t have had. Just like Cameron could not create Avatar in the ‘90’s, so too did Transformation have to wait for its time.

The Transformation Solution is more than a book. It’s a multi-media experience that engages you, reaching deep inside to the places where you like to quit, to avoid—where you lose motivation. It engages your heart and soul. It gets you reconnected to the universal flow of energy—call it Life, spirit, essence. The Transformation Solution gets you hooked back in to the grid that makes the “doing” easy as breathing.

Trust me on this one… don’t wait to be the last to own your Transformation… just like you don’t want to be the last see Avatar.

With Avatar, Cameron knew what he had. He didn’t need anyone else to understand it—but only to experience it. He didn’t go out seeking approval or asking for permission. He knew what he had to do. Create it and share it.

I’ve seen the same look in Bill’s eyes this last year. He knows what he’s got in Transformation. And he’s not asking for permission, trying to get all the experts to understand it first. He’s just sharing it, so you can experience it.

For it’s only through experience that we can open us to things our mind does not yet know.

Transformation is a sure thing—even if the “critics” don’t quite get it yet.

Now is your time, this is your chance to grab life by the horns and step into your Full Strength!

Let’s do this thing…

About The Author

Author, innovator and expert in Life Performance for two decades, Shawn Phillips is as respected for his physique as his wisdom. Working with his brother Bill (of Body for LIFE fame) he helped create the performance nutrition giant, EAS. In his 40's, a husband and father of two young children, Shawn has shifted his focus to helping busy, high-achieving men enjoy vibrant, energized, amazing lives! To help more men towards Life @ Full Strength Shawn created the World's First True Premium Nutrition Shake, the clinically proven Full Strength . For a "how to" guide to a Lifestyle of Fitness Freedom, check out Shawn's most recently instant best-selling book from Bantam Books Strength for LIFE, called by Next-Level in Transformational Fitness, Here.

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  • Dr. Erwin Jay

    I am one of the oldest fans of the Phillips Brothers. Back in the year 2000 I read the original Body For Life, and watched the movie too. As a sceptic, I said “this is too easy” so I did the”Challenge” program faithfully for twelve weeks to prove that it was somewhat fictional or hype.. Imagine my amazemet when I did the before and after photos and measurements and sent them in to corporate, only to hear from Porter that I had placed in the top six perent against ALL ages and I was SEVENTY years old at the time!!. I still have my “diploma” award on my wall and I am still actively involved in my primary profession as an optometrist working four days a week helping people see better.
    Whenever I have any patients with weight or fitness problems (which can lead to or make worse conditionsl ike high blood pressure or diabetes, causing related VISION problems later) I tell them about my own wonderful experiences and suggest the books, first BFL and more recently Transformation. EVERYONE who buys the books thanks me over and over.
    My father was in the food business a long time ago as a wholesale distributor of butter, eggs and cheese wholesale to independent grocery stores. . Our family joke was if you died young and if you were a good person, instead of going to heaven, you would go to “Land’O Lakes!!
    This year i will celebrate my 84th birhtday and because of your programs, i am still very active, I do use supplements but I take NO Medicines or Rx’s of any kind for the past 13 years!!.
    I ENJOY ggod health, thanks to the Phillips Brothers!. Many Thanks. Dr. Erwin Jay, O.D.

  • Laura Christian

    I met Bill a couple of weekends ago at transformation camp. In 2 weeks I feel so much better on the inside it almost doesn’t matter that the outside has to catch up. I also met your Mom. What a lady she must be to have two such amazing sons. I have a 7 year old son I adopted from Russia. I asked your Mom what she did to have such an amazing son. She told me that all she did was get out of the way! LOL. I love that. Maybe someday I will have the pleasure of meeting you too. All the best in life! Laurie

  • Jonathan

    Great blog Shawn!


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