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What does a raspberry Taste Like?

When was the last time you tasted a raspberry? Now, I don’t mean “ate one” but actually tasted it. Ncp_raspberry

What does it taste like? If you had to describe it in writing to a person whose never tasted one what would you say?

I ask for the experience of eating a raspberry is something I’ve been trying to adequately convey for a few years now. It’s not easy and I can now say successfully that I’ve never quite achieved my goal.

You see my son Nathaniel has numerous food allergies—and one of them has been to raspberries. Along with my other foods, he can’t eat raspberries. So at the tender young age of 4 years and five months, he’s never had one single raspberry. Nope, not a one.

Until today…

Today Nathaniel spent half a day at Nathaniel Jewish Hospital where he did what’s called a “food challenge” to see if he could eat raspberries.

And guess what, he did eat them. And all went well. And I’m happy to report, he likes them.

Next time you eat a raspberry, slow down and take in the full experience. Consider if you might be able to share that experience—not because you will be graded on it but because the art of paying this much attention to food can completely transform your relationship to food.

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